Fast-acting rapid action doors installed across King’s Lynn

For environments requiring stricter contamination and temperature controls, rapid action doors are the perfect solution. These doors have the perfect sealing and are also very resilient due to their self-repairing curtain. P H Door Services are fully equipped to design, install and maintain a range of rapid action doors; call now for a competitive quote.

Tailor-made for your applications

Made with a polyester curtain, rapid action doors are able to fold up by means of belts, rolling on a shaft in the horizontal cross piece at a rate of 1m per second. Due to the speed of opening and shutting, along with sealing brushes, these doors are able to minimise heat loss and improve pest control procedures. A wide variety of automation systems can be integrated for extra convenience.

We also have a variety of clean room doors perfect for indoor environments. Clean room doors have resistance against wind load, have speed closing speeds of up to 1.2m per second, and are automatic in their opening operation.

What makes rapid action doors the right choice for you?

  • Extremely short opening cycle that won’t slow down traffic.
  • Adaptable designs to suit the size and speed of traffic.
  • Crash resistant design – in-built flex to prevent damage.
  • Low maintenance – PVC curtain and nylon guides.
  • Safe for users – photo-cells can be fitted to prevent closure when obstructed.
  • Doors can be automated for greater ease of use.
  • A full range of commercial and industrial doors:

  • Sectional overhead doors
  • Roller shutter doors
  • Rapid action doors
  • Fire resistant shutters
  • Fire escape emergency doors
  • Dock seals and shutters
  • Personnel and security doors
  • Freezer doors
  • PVC strip curtains

    No matter the type of door your need, P H Door Services is a name you can trust. Contact our team in King’s Lynn today for a competitive quotation or to learn more about our full range of options.

  • If you’re in need of rapid action doors, be sure to call P H Door Services. Get in touch with us on

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